Prefab wiring loom U-EMS4

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This complete cable harness is equipped with all necessary wiring, relays, fuses and connections for your installation.

Wire specially suitable for automotive purposes with high temperature resistance (105 degrees)
Chemical resistant (including gasoline, oil) and flame resistant
Beautifully finished with braided sleeve

The cable harness consists of:

  • Main relay
  • Fuel pump relay
  • 8 fuse groups
  • All required connections, power supplies and earths are integrated in the cable harness and have their own unique color
  • Comes complete with relays and fuses.
  • This cable harness is particularly suitable for 4-cylinder engines, but can also be used for minor modifications for 6 and 8cylinder engines.

For a neat installation, order an installation package and do not forget the new plugs for the injectors, ignition coils, sensors and other actuators.

Not sure about purchasing this cable harness? Then know the following:

Projects that DO have purchased a cable harness almost always run without a single problem. There is also little to write about in forums. It works well. Point.

Projects where NO cable harness was purchased almost always lead to complications. Unfortunately, these people sometimes write horror stories about us on internet forums, Facebook and other media.

This cable harness takes a lot of work off your hands. The most annoying part of the installation is done for you. You can do the best part of the installation yourself, namely installing it. And of course the trouble-free adjustment of the engine!

This is the reason why I always insist on ordering a cable harness. It prevents costly mistakes. I can easily help you and I will gladly help you with questions about the installation because I know exactly what you have in mind.

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