EFIgnition 88 Engine Management System

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The all new EFIgnition 88

Check the pinout (picture) for the feature list.

Scope of supply

  • 1x EFIgnition88 ECU
  • 2x Connector
  • 90x Crimpcontacts
  • Dummy pins
  • Software free downloadable (Tunerstudio.com)


  • 8x Individual injector control for opening time accurate to 1/1000 milliseconds.
  • Injector timing adjustable to 0.1 degree per speed and load
  • Amount of injection per injector adjustable (Injector Trim)
  • Various fuel injection strategies adjustable (MAP, MAF, AlphaN, ITB)
  • Siamese inlet semi and full sequential injection
  • Adjustable deceleration stop for the injection
  • Closed loop mixture control with Air Fuel ratio target value table
  • Injector staging
  • Flex Fuel sensor connectable (E85 or BioEthanol)
  • Injection index switch


  • 8x individual ignition coil control. Configurations with 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-10 and 12 cylinders are possible.
  • 2x knock sensor input with filtering (window and level)
  • Wankel engines are supported up to 4 rotors.
  • Ignition timing with a precision of 0.1 degree accuracy
  • Ignition offset adjustable for Odd-fire engines (Ducati, Harley Davidson, Maserati, PRV engine)
  • Ignition code field changeover
  • Bobine charging time adjustable and correction for battery voltage and acceleration
  • Ignition time correction on intake air temperature
  • Stationary running recognition and load dependent stationary running timing


  • 7 speed sensor (VR / HALL / Opto) and trigger wheel configurations possible.
  • Adjustable speed limiter (Spark retard / Spark cut / Fuel cut)
  • Control stationary speed via PWM motor or Stepper motor
  • Launch control / Flat shift / Sequential shift / switch relief for automatic transmission
  • Charge pressure control for turbo engine
  • Tachometer output
  • Regulation electric fan coolant
  • Barometric correction
  • Nitrous controller


Calibration through user-friendly Freeware Tuner studio.
Various apps via built-in Bluetooth on Android devices


  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • RS232
  • CAN
  • WiFi


  • Onboard 16Gb SD card
  • On-board clock with rechargable battery (lasts >5 days)

Note: incorrect connection or handling of the system can lead to damage to the system and connected components. 

We therefore recommend that you purchase the system in combination with the prefab cable harness. This greatly increases the professionalism of the installation. It saves a lot of time during installation and it prevents major mistakes and problems.


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