Citroen DS full engine management kit

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€ 2.999,00 (excluding VAT)

Set contains:

  • EFIgnition46 Engine Management System with mounting bracket
  • Fully equipped wiring loom with all connectors preinstalled and labeled.
  • All required sensors with brackets and mounting hardware
  • Exhaustpipe with welded in Lambda bung
  • EV14 injectors with adaptors
  • 4x ignition coil (Coil-On-Plug)
  • Steppermotor for idle control
  • Modification to flywheel
  • Pre-loaded settings



  • Fully sequential and closed loop fuel injection
  • Fully sequential Coil in Plug ignition
  • Idle control and idle RPM lowering at trigger for semi-automatic gearboxes
  • Electric fan control

The red parts on the pictures are prototypes. The suplied parts are profesionaly manufactured and their color is black.

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