Engine Management Systems

What does an Engine Management System actually do?

An Engine Management System uses a number of basic data such as the position of the crankshaft, engine speed, pressure in the manifold, engine temperature, throttle angle, air temperature and lambda value. On the basis of these measurement data, it ensures the correct amount of fuel and that the air-fuel mixture ignites at the right moment.

What can I do with a Motor Management System?

You have a nice project under construction. A chassis with a nice engine. Perhaps adapted with a better flowing exhaust, inlet, sharper camshaft with larger valves ... Or perhaps a turbo or compressor!

The only challenge is: how are you going to get it right?


Van Diemen racer. Originaly fitted with a Ford Cosworth engine, now a Honda S2000 powerplant.

Grabbing back to carburetors and a simple ignition system often seems the easiest option. But it often turns out to be complicated in terms of adjustment. Endless searches for the cause of varying performance and mechanical progress. Without being able to see what exactly goes wrong due to the lack of measured values. Contamination of the system if the engine is parked for a period.

The new era has arrived. Electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition is now affordable and accessible for everyone. They make work on a special vehicle easier, more fun and the result is many times better.

EFIgnition is a freely programmable engine management system with which the injection and ignition of almost any engine can be controlled. Also odd-fire and shaky engines. So no more problems with immobilizer, missing instrument cluster or a complicated wiring harness that cannot be moved to your project.

You start with a clean slate. With a new engine management system or Engine Control Unit (ECU), the EFIgnition ECU. A new cable harness. With the user-friendly software (Tunerstudio) you can make modifications such as other camshafts, exhaust, compression, intake system or even a turbo or compressor to work properly by only adjusting the settings in the ECU.

You are never alone. We have provided customers all over the world with freely programmable engine management systems. We have been able to help many of these customers by taking over control of their laptop and thus correctly setting the ECU for their application. This website tries to provide clear and complete information about the application of the EFIgnition engine management systems.



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