Bobine without IGBT

The standard coil only consists of 2 coil pairs. The primary coil must be switched by a special transistor, the IGBT. The secondary coil transforms the magnetic field of the primary coil to a high voltage of approximately 20,000 volts.

The IGBT has a tough life. She gets voltages of around 400 Volts kicking her door when switching off the high current that flows through the ignition coil. In addition, incorrect control or connection can burn out the IGBT or the printed circuit board. That is why we have chosen not to build the IGBT into the EFIgnition. So EFIgnition cannot directly control a normal ignition coil without IGBT. It needs an intermediate module with built-in IGBTs to be able to switch the high current and catch the high switch-off voltage. A 12V 60mA control pulse comes from the EFIgnition itself. This is sufficient to control 2 modules per channel. You could therefore easely connect 12 output stages to the 6 available ignition channels.


Module numberAlternative codeAantal internal IGBT
0 227 100 200MTR 042
0 227 100 209 3
0 227 100 211 4




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