Throttle Position sensor

This sensor registers the position and movement of the gas valve. A number of behaviors can be linked to this. The gas valve position or TPS sensor is a potentiometer (variable resistor). A 5 Volt power supply is connected, a sensor mass and the output is a 0-5 Volt voltage. It is important to connect the sensor properly. Otherwise the sensor becomes an adjustable short circuit!

De Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

It is important to position the sensor in the center of its working area. For example, at the extreme throttle position, the sensor's stop will never be touched. The zero and full load adjustment can be calibrated in the EFIgnition software.

TPS nul- en vollast calibratie

Acceleration enrichment

In the event of sudden load changes, the MAP sensor responds too slowly to the changing pressure in the manifold. The gas valve registers this earlier and can inject extra fuel to make the engine accelerate nicely. We can adjust this extra amount of fuel based on how quickly the gas valve opens.

Acceleration Curve

Over-Run Fuel Cut

In addition, the EFIgnition can stop the fuel supply if a high speed, a high engine vacuum and a throttle position of 0 are measured. This is called Decceleration stop. This can make a big difference in fuel consumption. We have seen savings of more than 10%.

Over-rrun Fuel Cut

Idle Load Advance Timing

The ignition of the engine runs on a knowledge field. The values are determined based on underpressure in the manifold and engine speed. Now, the pressure in the manifold can change slightly during idling, which will change the moment of ignition. This is not desirable. On the other hand, we actually want that if the engine fails to turn, the ignition is brought forward. This is possible by recognizing that the engine is idling. The speed is then low and the throttle position is 0. The ignition now switches to its own knowledge field and therefore runs more smoothly.

Idle Load Advance Timing

AlphaN and ITB mode

For projects where there is little or no motor vacuum present (motors with Individual Throttle Bodies), we cannot determine the amount of air in the motor properly with the MAP sensor. We can then set the EFIgnition to AlphaN. The Y-axis of the characteristic field is now not determined by the MAP sensor, but by the TPS sensor. By the way, a mix of MAP and TPS is possible in ITB mode.

ITB's of Individual Throttle Bodies. Afstellen op AlphaN of ITB modus

Power off

Lastly, we could switch off appliances if we are full of gas. For example the air conditioning. Or the dynamo. In this case, above a gas valve opening of 85% and above 3000 rpm.


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