Nokkenas versteller

Modern engines can contain variable camshaft timing. This allows the torque to be increased in certain speeds.

There are 2 types:

  • On / Off variable camshaft timing or lift (Honda VTEC, first BMW VANOS systems)
  • Continuously variable camshaft timing (VVT-i, Vanos from the BMW TU engines)

The EFIgnition contains several freely programmable ports. These can be assigned as a camshaft adjuster. The EFIgnition 46 can control on / off types of camshaft adjusters. Variable camshaft control is possible with the EFIgnition 88

The control

The control is by oil pressure which is controlled by a solenoid valve.

The solenoid valve has 2 connections. 12 volts come from the fuse box. The ECU switches to ground on the apropiate port.








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