Ignition coil with IGBT

The EFIgnition has no built-in ignition output stages (IGBT).

The underlying reason is that these end stages can break due to incorrect control, incorrect connection, a defect in the ignition coil and old age.

Nowadays there are very many ignition coils available which already have a built-in IGBT.

Coil on Plug met ingebouwde IGBT

The EFIgniton sends a 12V pulse via a transistor (FET). This transistor is controlled by the processor. The current is limited so that the print path of the ECU does not immediately melt in the event of a short circuit. The maximum current is 60mA at 14V.

  • At least 2 ignition coils can be connected to 1 channel
  • A total of 6 channels are available
  • A V12 engine with a double spark plug per cylinder is no problem for the EFIgnition (24 coils!)

Single coil with build in IGBT

Double ignition coil (DIS)with build in IGBT's

Tripple ignition coil with build in IGBT's

Coil On Plug

Coil Near Plug


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