Engine management systems for combustion engines.

That is our specialty. That is our strength.

Many people ask us:

"I have a brand X car, type Y. Do you know that too?"

We are not specialized in brand X and type Y. For example, cars, motorcycles, mopeds, trikes and other vehicles run on our systems. From all brands. And all types. Every day on the road. On the circuit. On the cross track. Off road.

But planes also fly. Aggregates are running on it. Mopeds. Boats.

If it has a combustion engine, the EFIgnition is ideal for optimizing fuel and ignition control.

Our weakness in marketing may be that we are not specialized in brand X and type Y. But we always know more about the control and optimization of the engine of that vehicle than the companies that do specialize in brand X, type Y. Take a look at our extensive portfolio of projects. And understand that we cannot show even 2% of the craziest projects that we work on every day.

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