Make a plug connection

How do you make a good plug connection?

Pack the cable in a protected sheath and slide a piece of heat-shrink tubing over the end of the sheath.

Heat the heat-shrink tubing with a temperature-controlled hairdryer at approximately 280 degrees Celsius so that the jacket and the insulation do not melt.

When the heat shrink has cooled, the protective rubber can be slid over the heat shrink and protective jacket. Now mount the sealing rubbers. Pay attention to the direction. The strain relief will soon come over the narrow side.

Now strip the wire over a length of approximately 6 mm, fold the copper wire in half and bring the crimp contact into position. Make sure that the sealing rubber comes under the strain relief of the connector.

Now close the crimp contact with a good quality crimping tool. A good crimping tool moves its jaws parallel to each other. The wires are now ready for assembly.

Check that the seals are properly inserted in the plug and that the seal is watertight. Install the rubber protective cap.

You have made an excellent plug connection! This will function for years without problems under the most severe conditions. Moreover, it looks fantastic.


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