Prefab wiring loom

An electronic system in your car. Is that just asking for problems?

No, our electronics have no wear. Unlike a carburetor or mechanical injection system and contact points. The electronics will survive your car if it is connected properly.

A point of attention is the cable harness. If it is not properly constructed and laid, the cable harness can be a source of malfunction. Without a sound wiring harness, an engine management system cannot do its job properly.

A good example of a less good installation

A number of basic conditions are essential for a good installation:

  • Good quality wire (automotive spec) and the right thickness

The original wiring harness of a Ford BOB Cosworh engine. A wrong thread was used here by the manufacturer.

The right building blocks for relays / fuses

Geïntegreerde bouwstenen voor compacte en modulaire opbouw

  • A main relay to prevent voltage drop across a key switch or main switch and a supply wire with a sufficient diameter
  • A safety relay which de-energizes components when the engine is not running (for example after a collision) with a fire diode or resistor and a sufficiently high current specification

The diode ensures that the switching transistor is not charged with a voltage peak. Pay attention to the correct connection!

Each circuit is fused separately with a fuse with the correct value

  • Shielded cable for sensitive sensor signals

  • Correct protection for the individual wires in the cable harness against wear

  • Correct and sufficient mass connections
  • Correct methods for welding different wires

The EFIgnition prefab cable harness is a very good basis. This contains all the necessary components, good quality wire, the correct construction and secured cicuits. In the prefab cable harness, every required wire, junction, earth, power supply, fuse and relay are present. Extra options are finished with AMPSeal connectors and can be connected. In short, the article to install an installation in a short time without errors. This takes a lot of work off your hands and ensures a neat and high-quality basis for an installation.

EFIgnition prefab kabelboom


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